The Bairong Empire is a human nation of 20 million that is situated in the east of the world. It has existed for at least 5,000 years. Alongside Britain, it is also one of only two human nations in the world that can hold its own against witches without aid from Witch Hunters. It is also the birthplace of many people who play a pivotal part in the world such as Xing Bairong, Lee Bairong, Visul, and Ryuhwan.

It is ruled by an emperor who has ruled the empire in it's 5,000 years of existence. More specifically, he is a collective vessel containing the 50 souls of the previous rulers and the White Dragon. Every 100 years, the White Dragon will select a prince from a pool of candidates to take the throne while the previous emperor's vessel dies of old age. However, the souls of the previous emperor lingers on inside the White Dragon and can have an impact on his successor's actions. With the death of the Yue Bairong, the last emperor's vessel, it is unknown who is currently the leader of the nation. However, it is known that Xing stayed back to help the Empire recover.

The Bairong Empire is also protected by tall mountains that form a natural fortress, countless shamans and military arts priests, and a spirit that is known as the White Dragon. It's people are also noticeably talented in various martial skills such as assassination, chi control, and martial arts. Within the Bairong Empire, there exists multiple corps of assassins in the service of various nobles. Chief among them are the Night Crows and the Black Ravens. They are elite units whose members are trained to serve the emperor since the day they were born. Whereas the White Dragon symbolizes the power within, the Black Ravens symbolize the power without and act as the Emperor's intelligence organization. Within the royal court there existed three noble families, the Silver, Rain, and Long Clans. The Long Clan was responsible for protecting the Empire's border while the Rain and Silver Clans were responsible for running the government and the economy respectively. They served the princes and the emperor but eventually fell from power due to treason that was secretly encouraged by Emperor Bairong himself in his scheme to destroy the empire and rebuild it as he wishes.

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