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The Red Witch Arc

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Tasha Godspell

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Help is the 2nd chapter of Jung-man Cho's Witch Hunter.

A flashback shows Tasha Godspell in Cintra failing to capture East. A few days later, Tasha and Halloween are seen with empty pockets when East appears before them again, informing Tasha of vital information about his sister. He recruits the help of Xing Bairong to capture her.


East flies off on broom

East flies off

Tasha is seen groaning about how hungry he is and is complaining about how he let East go. A flashback is seen from after Tasha had defeated East's (fake) supporters. East summons her broom and orders her supporters to self destruct, using this opportunity to fly away.

Halloween asks Tasha why they don't have any money, noting all the instances they received money, to which Tasha replies "all gone" for all of them. Frustrated, Halloween attacks Tasha with it's sword, which Tasha managed to stop. East suddenly appears, commenting on how amusing Tasha is. Tasha seizes the opportunity to make more money by ordering Halloween to attack East.
Yin and Yang shatter

Yin and Yang shatter

East summons her real supporter, Surtr, who scares Halloween. Surtr attacks Halloween with a large sword which manages to break Halloween's Yin and Yang Swords as well as knock Halloween backwards. Tasha starts attacking Surtr with his magic guns but his bullets were redirected by his battle cry. Surtr suddenly stops fighting and goes back to East. When asked if East switched her supporter, she reveals Surtr to be her real supporter and the golems to be fake. East also reveals that she knows about the "red witch"  and she reveals the witch's location to be at Mountainville. She bursts into flames and vanishes.

Tasha calls Linda Cuthburt, his assistant at the WH center, asking for assistance. She announces on the loud speaker for Xing Bairong to report to the magic transport. Tasha is next seen waiting at the magic portal, when finally Xing appears there, much to Tasha's annoyance. Tasha calls HQ stating that the package, Xing, is of inferior quality and wanting to exchange it.

Mountainville explosion

Explosion at Mountainville

While travelling to Mountainville, Xing reveals there is another A-Class WH, Tarras Doberg, was dispatched there yesterday. Hearing this news, Tasha starts running, later followed by Xing. They finally arrive at Mountainville, a seemingly undisturbed town. Suddenly there is another explosion, to which Tasha and Xing start running towards. When they arrive, they see Tarras knocked out next to a red witch, Aria Godspell.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. East
  2. Tasha Godspell
  3. Halloween
  4. Linda Cuthburt
  5. Xing Bairong
  6. Tarras Doberg
  7. Aria Godspell

Fights and EventsEdit

Magic, Abilities and Skills usedEdit

Weapons UsedEdit

  • Mana Gun Colt Custom (마탄총 콜트 커스텀 Matanchong Kolteu Keoseuteom)
  • Yin and Yang Swords (음양 Eum-yang)