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May 13, 2006

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The Red Thread is the 5th chapter of Cho Jung-man's Witch Hunter.


Varete looks over the damage done by the battle between her and East remarking that the battle wiped Mountainville off the map. Surprised East still had so much power left she notes it's not enough to change North's plans.

Meanwhile Tasha, Xing, and Tarras all head to the closest station to get back to the Western WH Center. After arguing among each other they reach the town Abore and decide to stay at an inn. Tasha is asked by one of the waitresses if she could take his luggage to his room to which he agrees. As the three eat their meals, another waitress appears and reveals she is the only waitress in the inn. Furious Tasha decides to chase down the thief.

As the thief looks through Tasha's suitcase she notes that he only had a few coins, but believes the locks on Halloween to be silver. Giving the doll a makeover, she is startled when Tasha jumps out behind her. Taking Halloween with her she attempts to loose him many times but fails. Finally giving up she asks him how he keeps finding her. Tasha reveals it to be Halloween who comes to life and threatens her with its swords, and Tasha begins questioning just who the thief was and why she targeted him. She tells him that outsiders were the easiest and that with his clothing he stood out too much. The two go around asking others if they thought he stood out surprising the thief that no one noticed him. He reveals it's because his clothes were made of memory-lapse fibers so she was weird for being able to see through them. He then tells her he is a WH and Halloween was his supporter. Overjoyed she jumps on him in excitement and leads him to her house. She explains her name was Monica and tells him that about a month ago her best friend suddenly died of old age despite being really young. Other villagers also started dying the same way and around that time, she started seeing black and red threads attached to everyone and that people whose thread turned red would die soon after.

At the same time, Xing and Tarras overhear rumors of villagers suddenly dying. The two realize it was because of a witch and decide to take care of it before Tasha returned. Elsewhere Tarras uses his earth scan and detects three mana sources in the 5km radius. He explains to Xing that two were Tasha and Halloween, but the problem was that Tasha and Halloween were next to the third mana source he detected.

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Varete vs East (Concluded)

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