Cover 70
Chapter 70
Korean Title

서포터 리

English Title

Supporter Lee

Magazine Equivalent

Chapter 88



Story Arc

Deception in Bairong Arc

Korean Release

November 1, 2011

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Supporter Lee is the 70th chapter of Jung-man Cho's Witch Hunter.


After Lee Bairong attacks his father, the Emperor is in shock that Lee would be able to land such a hit on him. Lee takes note of this and introduces his master; Meiling. After hearing this, the Emperor starts laughing madly to himself, stating how Lee boasted about being so strong, yet he sold his soul to a witch. He tells Lee how disappointed he was and tries to attack Lee and Meiling. Although it was a powerful attack, Lee easily blocks it with one arm. Lee tells Meiling to get away from the battlefield to which Meiling gives Lee a worried and concerned look. Noticing this, Lee ruffles her hair and reassures her that he was already prepared for this. He then jumps away leaving Meiling to watch the battle.

During the fight between Lee and the Emperor, the Emperor states that he is amazed that Lee would last this long, believing that the power Lee receives from Meiling is crap. He than tells Lee to realize that his power is inferior to him and tries to punch Lee with an overpowered punch. Lee effortlessly  blocks this, much to the Emperor's shock. Lee tells his father that currently he is much weaker than him due to Yue's earlier interference. He says normally he would need more than Meiling's mana to defeat him, but with his current strength, that won't be necessary. Lee proceeds by punching his father in the stomach and then grabbing him by the neck. Lee starts to mock his father about not needing Meiling's mana to defeat him, much to his fathers' outrage. His father breaks free of Lee's grip and screams at Lee not to be so over confident. He continues yelling that he will unleash the White Dragon's real power to kill Lee. During his rant, Lee takes the opportunity to get near his father and pierces his hand through his father's stomach while stating his father is weak.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Meiling
  2. Emperor Bairong
  3. Lee Bairong


  • Lee vs Emperor Bairong (Continued)