Cover 71
Chapter 71
Korean Title

형제여 안녕히

English Title

Farewell Brothers

Magazine Equivalent

Chapter 89



Story Arc

Deception in Bairong Arc

Korean Release

December 1, 2011

Cover Character(s)

Yue Bairong
Xing Bairong
Lee Bairong

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Farewell Brothers is the 71st chapter of Jung-man Cho's Witch Hunter.


After being stabbed by Lee, Emperor Bairong tells Lee that it wasn't too late for him to accept the White Dragon. Lee replies that the power and knowledge is very tempting, but attacks his father while stating that he already decided that he will exist as himself until the moments he dies.

Now lying in a pool of his own blood, the Emperor doesn't believe what's happening. He states that the chains he made to seal the white dragon was broken and is in complete disbelief that he would die by the hands of Lee. With this understanding, he starts screaming not to joke around. He screams that he lived for 5000 years; that he was Bairong himself. While watching the chains disappear, his last words are "I won't die.....I don't want to die..." before leaving Yue's body completely. Lee watches this and once his father consciousness completely fades, he kneels down and gently touches his brother's head with a happy yet sad expression on his face stating that it's been a while. Yue looks at Lee with a peaceful expression as Lee continues speaking. With a now completely sad and dreadful expression, Lee raises his arm telling Yue goodbye. Lee hesitates, his arm wavering while Yue was still conscious and smiles while softly touching Lee's face. He reassures Lee that this was what he wanted and asks Lee not to make such a sad face. The last word between them is "Thank you". Lee then stabs Yue, giving him a quick and painless death.

Xing who was unable to move due to his earlier fight, watches with shock and tears in his eyes as Lee kills Yue. Filled with sadness and anger, Xing starts screaming and finds enough strength to move. Lee quickly tackles Xing down stating that death is such a lonely road that Yue has to face. He than tells Xing that if he wants to die so badly, he should accompany Xing. While prepaing to kill Xing as well, Lee is stopped by Visul who attacks Lee. At the last moment, Lee blocks the attack though it forces him to move away from Xing. The last thing Lee does is sarcastically state how welcoming seeing Visul is.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Emperor Bairong
  2. Yue Bairong
  3. Lee Bairong
  4. Xing Bairong
  5. Visul


  • Lee Bairong vs Emperor Bairong (Concluded)
  • Lee Bairong vs Visul (Started)