Cover 73
Chapter 73
Korean Title

버릴 수 없는 것

English Title

Things That Can't Be Discarded

Magazine Equivalent

Chapter 93



Story Arc

Escape from Britain Arc

Korean Release

February 1, 2012

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Thing's That Can't Be Discarded is the 73rd chapter of Jung-man Cho's Witch Hunter.


Tarras Doberg asks Visul why he is being attacked, which Visul shouts back because he created a giant hole in the heart of the great empire's capital. They appear before a court where Tarras states he quickly needed to deal with the Night Crows and that Earth Flower was the best way to deal with them. Visul rebuts that there's a limit with which Tarras replies that she should be grateful for him sparing her brother's life and how much strain he's under for using such a large scale attack. He then tells Visul to praise his body, which made Visul punch him in the face, using the excuse that her hands moved on its own. She then praises Tarras, which he accepts grateful even when lying on the ground. They are seen back on the train where Tarras asks if Xing is going to be okay after ignoring orders, which Visul replies who would dare command the Emperor of the great Bairong Empire. Tarras asks about her opinion of this, from which she states she has much to prepare until Xing's return in order to achieve his objective.

Tasha is seen in a castle chatting with Merlin. Tasha asks Merlin what his objective is, which he replies to have him return the King of Britain. Tasha exclaims that they banished their king and that he possesses parts of Mordred's memory. Merlin rejects these claims, stating it a test, a fight against West, would prove she was worthy of being king. He states that it was a painful mistake and he never imagined West to be so strong. He tells Tasha that nobody is objecting to Mordred being king and that as long as he's a WH he has no choice but to return their king. Merlin offers a reward for compensation, how to control mana. He tells Tasha that witches can't teach them, only he can and that he will be roughly ten times stronger, stronger than a White Class WH.

Tasha wonders about his current situation until Mordred appears and tells him to do what he usually does and not to give up on her. Tasha bursts out laughing, much to Mordred's annoyance and thanks Mordred for helping him make his decision. Tasha calls Diana and tells her he is quitting WH.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Tarras Doberg
  2. Visul
  3. Tasha Godspell
  4. Merlin
  5. Mordred
  6. Diana Basil