Edea Florence
Hangul 이디아 플로렌스
Romaja Idia Peullolenseu
Alias Pure White Witch (순백의 마녀 Sunbaeg-ui Manyeo)[1]
Mother of Magical Arts[2]
Race Witch
Gender Female Female
Hair Color White
Professional Status
Affiliation Witch Hunter
Partners Tasha Godspell (Student)
Magic Battle Field
Weapons Mana Guns
Manhwa Chapter 3 (Back)
Chapter 31 (Ghost)

Edea Florence (이디아 플로렌스 Idia Peullolenseu) is a S-Class WH Witch said to be the strongest WH to have ever existed.

Often referred to as the master of Tasha Godspell, she is considered to be the Mother of Magical Arts among the WH and has the alias the Pure White Witch. She was killed by Aria Godspell a few days before Tasha became a full fledged WH.


Edea is a tall, slim woman with long white hair mostly tied up and flowing to her hips and adorns a long, open-chested white dress with the bottom flaring out slightly under her hips with lengthy sleeves that end around her wrists in a frilled pattern. She also wears a cape with two layers of the same color, the top being short and fur-lined, the bottom is stretches almost as far as her dress and her hat is white with chrome decorations.[3]


Edea at home

At home she wears a pink top and cardigan, as well as pink pants. She keeps her hair loose with a pink hairband, and wears glasses.


Edea is a very positive, giddy person who liked "hands-on" teaching, shown by the fact she trained Tasha to avoid magic bullets by shooting at him.[4] She marked Tasha's hair white after he became her student. She had a boasting nature and was very confident, but she still had a friendly attitude. Edea is also a very disorganized and messy person as shown by the state of her house. She loves being praised and has a habit of eavesdropping on people.



Many years ago, presumably before the Witch-Human War began, Edea was a high ranking witch.

Edea joined the WHs six years prior to the main storyline and was the first witch to join the institute. She played a major role in the growth of the group; creating the WH Uniform was only one of her achievements. During her time as a WH, she also gained the respect of another S-Class: Vihyungrang.

Edea found Tasha in the forest her house was located in after he was attacked by bandits. She brought him home and took care of him until he got better. During this time she often teased him and eventually brought Vihyungrang to meet him, only to be surprised that her house was spotless for once. He continued to stay in her residence. One day, during one of his trips into town, he was badly injured by a Witch while trying to protect Linda Cuthburt. When the Witch threatened to rip him to shreds, she was instead answered by Edea, who had went to town after deciding that Tasha was taking too long. Angered by the Witch's actions, Edea obliterated the Witch and hollowed out a section of the town. Her actions caused her to be put on probation, a "punishment" that she took with glee.

During Tasha's early training days, Edea trained Tasha to increase his reaction time by firing at him with Mana Guns, the fastest long range weapon in the world.

A couple days before Tasha graduated as an official WH two years prior to the main storyline, Edea records a hologram to congratulate Tasha on his latest achievements and tells him what he should do while revealing her graduation present to him, Halloween. She explains the seals on its power and warns him of the risk of undoing the seal.

At one point in time, Edea placed a seal on the curse put on Tasha by Aria, to slow it down and give him time to reverse it. Sometime later, she asked Vihyungrang to look after Tasha if anything were to happen to her.

Not long after, Edea fought against Aria Godspell and was supposedly killed but she managed to destroy almost all of Aria's supporters.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a former S-Class WH, Edea was and still is considered the most powerful individual to serve the WHs, as admitted by Vihyungrang, who was second below her in power who already has twice the power of an ordinary S-Class WH. With the title, "Mother of Magical Arts", she is assumed to be incredibly skilled with all sorts of magic.

Battle Field (배틀 필드 Baeteul Pildeu): Black energy is spread out over an area, with a black barrier surrounding it. It is considered as a High Level Sorcery and Edea was the only person known to be able to make it snow due to her large amount of mana, although Tasha managed to do so but only by borrowing Edea's mana.

  • Snow: Within this barrier there is an illusion that it is snowing because of the huge amount of mana being supplied. The snow only melts when it falls on a Witch and drains the Witch and her supporter's mana.

Production: Edea is capable of making magical items including a complete mana gun and is only person capable of producing the Mana Bullets. Although the gun is easy to produce, the bullets require a large amount of mana. She also invented the WH Uniform.

Program Manipulation: Edea created programs in the past with personalities and can bestow complex magical abilities to them.

Master Marksmanship: As the person who trained Tasha, Edea would have no doubt been a master at using mana guns. She was most likely their inventor and their most proficient wielder. She was only seen using the Mana Gun Colt Custom, Tasha's original weapon.

Mana Source (마력의 원천 Malyeog-ui Woncheon): Like all witches, Edea produces her own mana which can be used to enhance her physical abilities in many aspects or to cast spells. The sheer volume of mana she produces is unrivaled within the WHs. It takes longer for witches to enhance their physical capabilities compared to chi users but the effects last for a full day.

  • Enhanced Speed: The mana produced can increase the speed the witch can function.
  • Enhanced Strength: Attacks reinforced with mana are more powerful than ordinary attacks.
  • Enhanced Durability: By reinforcing their body with mana, witches are able to withstand attacks ordinary humans aren't able to.
  • Quicker Recovery: Mana allows the witch's wounds to heal at a more rapid rate.

Mana Manipulation: After a witches' awakening, she can figure out how mana works instantly and manipulate it as naturally as she breathes.

Mana Storage: All witches are capable of naturally storing mana within their body, although to a limited extent.

Perception: A trait all witches possess, the ability to see mana.

Emotional Stability: A spell that keeps Edea's emotions in check to prevent her magic from failing in a fight.


Hologram: Edea uses this technology to communicate with people, either in a live conference or to record a video for later viewing.

Witch Hat (마녀의 모자 Manyeo-ui Moja): The hat is where the Mana Source is located and can store an endless amount of mana but when lost, the mana can't be retrieved from the missing hat. Oddly enough, the hat is made from mana itself.

Mana Guns (마탄총 Matanchong): Edea is shown to use this when she trained Tasha and it is assumed she can use it proficiently. She is the only person to have been able to make a complete mana gun and is the only one capable of making one withing the WHs. Only she or her pupils are known to use this weapon.

  • Colt Custom (콜트 커스텀 Kolteu Keoseuteom): It's a 45mm gun that's 9.8 inches long weighing at 13 pounds, which is far heavier than normal guns because of the custom. It can store explosive, piercing, and anesthetic bullets. It's efficiency depends on the magical abilities of its user. Explosive bullets are used to destroy buildings in general. Once they're lodged inside their target, they explode in a 11.8 inch radius but they carry the inconvenience of losing a lot of energy. It has a firing distance of 492 feet and because of its mana bullets, the weapon doesn't need to reload. Therefore, the user can fire as long he/she has sufficient mana. It resembles a regular Colt M1911A1 pistol, but with a slightly modified barrel end and a flat piece of metal on top, for reasons unknown. This is the style of pistol that is presumed to be Edea's weapon of choice, as she is only shown wielding this gun. It is usually used in a pair.

WH Uniform: An item she invented herself, this set of clothing is given to all ordinary members of the organization. The uniform runs on mana and won't function if it runs out of it. The functions the uniform possesses are:

  • Memory-lapse Fibers (망각의 섬유 Mang-gag-ui Seom-yu): Normal people won't notice the wearer unless the WH purposely attracts the individuals attention. This won't work on witches or fellow WHs.
  • Class Selection: The uniform grades the WH based on their strengths and assigns them to their class. The class is shown by the color of the uniform.
  • Protection: The clothing offers low level protection against attacks that are both physical and magical.
  • Repair: It will repair itself using the mana stored within it.
  • Emblem (문장 Munjang): Every A/S-Class WH is attributed with an unique insignia which is on their emblem. The emblem allows others to guess certain facts about the wearer's life or abilities. Her emblem, called Florence, takes the form of a flower. Tasha also shares this emblem.


Tasha GodspellEdit

Tasha is Edea's only fully-trained student. Although the capabilities of the technology that Tasha employs exceeds that of Ryuhwan's, Tasha wasn't trained nearly as long as Ryuhwan (who was trained under West and who is initially much stronger than Tasha).


Vihyungrang is a colleague Edea approved, which is very rare especially for one so young.[5] Vihyungrang respects Edea greatly and treasures his promises with her to the point that he believes is more important than the world's existence.[6]


  • There seems to be some sort of connection between Edea and West. Mordred was said to have disappeared after losing in battle against West, yet Edea was somehow in possession of the sealed form of Mordred that became the Halloween given to Tasha. Edea also created magical items such as Mana Guns and the Dimension Gallery that are highly similarly to those created by West.


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