Felice ch21
Felice Fidelier
Hangul 펠리쳬 비델리어
Romaja Pelrichye Bidellieo
Race Human
Gender Female Female
Age 20[1]
Height 167cm (5'6")
Weight 47kg (104lbs)
Birthday November 1st
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Witch Hunter
Partners Words Blondy von Worth (Superior)
Cougar Kunein (Superior)
Personal Status
State Alive
Manhwa Chapter 16

Felice Fidelier (펠리쳬 비델리어 Pelrichye Bidellieo) is a D-Class WH currently working as the secretary for Words Blondy von Worth and Cougar Kunein.



Felice with her current uniform

Felice is a young woman with short dark hair, she has a straight fringe and a mullet with the ends of her hair pointing out.


Felice is very quiet and respectful. She is also shown to be mature, and responsible.



Felice's family has always served the Wert line (which became Worth with time) and since an early age, Felice's education destined her to be Words' maid. Naturally she followed him into the organization and eventually she took care of Cougar as well. Felice tries hard to teach refinement and good manners to Cougar. Soon enough she got along well with Cougar although she still disagrees with his style of hats.

Tasha's Memory ArcEdit

Felice briefly appears by Words' side as he examines the aftermath of Edea's power used to take out the Witch who attacked Tasha.

The Other Magic Marksman ArcEdit

Although unshown, at some point before Tasha arrives she and Linda were talking, and Linda told her Tasha failed the mission.

Later Cougar asks her about Tasha when he arrives at HQ, to which she informs he failed to complete a mission.

The Knight and Rose ArcEdit

Felice was to accompany Cougar to Britain. She was present on the train with him.

Escape from Britain ArcEdit

Felice is seen serving tea to Cougar and Words.


WH Uniform: A set of clothing given to all ordinary members of the organization. The uniform runs on mana and won't function if it runs out of it. The functions the uniform possesses are:

  • Memory-lapse Fibers (망각의 섬유 Mang-gag-ui Seom-yu): Normal people won't notice the wearer unless the WH purposely attracts the individuals attention. This won't work on witches or fellow WHs.
  • Class Selection: The uniform grades the WH based on their strengths and assigns them to their class. The class is shown by the color of the uniform.
  • Protection: The clothing offers low level protection against both magical and physical attacks.
  • Repair: It will repair itself using the mana stored within it.


Words Blondy von WorthEdit

Due to her families background, Felice was destined to work for Words. Felice is very respectful to Words, calling him "sir" and she also enjoys finding rare things for Words.

Cougar KuneinEdit

Felice started working for Cougar sometime after he became Words' teammate, she tries hard to be patient with Cougar and she teaches him manners. Eventually got along although she still hates the hats he makes.


  • Her hobby is to look for rare and precious items (she does it for Words), she likes good wine, cooking and choosing fabrics for Cougar but she hates the hats made by Cougar (she thinks they are an insult to good taste).
  • She is the only D-Class WH currently known to tend to two high-ranking WH.
  • Felice's Zodiac sign is Scorpio.


  1. Cho, Jung-man (2009). Witch Hunter Manhwa: Volume 6: Character Profile. Ki-oon. ISBN 978-2-35592-053-0


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