Arthur ch43
King Arthur
Hangul 아더
Romaja Adeo
Alias Arthur
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
Affiliation British symbol Britain
Teams Knights of the Round Table
Partners Merlin
Personal Status
Relatives Guinevere (Wife)
Mordred (Daughter)
State Deceased
Weapons Sword
Manhwa Chapter 43

King Arthur (아더 Adeo) was the 9th King of Britain as well as the 9th Generation Arthur, the husband of Queen Guinevere, and father of the 10th King of Britain and 10th Generation Arthur, Mordred. He separated Guinevere and Halloween, and was going to burn Guinevere for witchcraft when Lancelot, his best knight, kidnapped and escaped with her 16 years ago.

Arthur is now deceased and was killed, causing Merlin to request Tasha Godspell to release his contract with Halloween to install her as the Queen of Britain.


Little has been explored of Arthur's true personality, however, it can be shown that he is rather stern in his loyalty towards his country, as he ordered his wife to be burned as a witch when she became one and separated her from their daughter. However, he does display loyalty to his family as Lancelot claims it was Arthur's last wish for him to protect his aforementioned wife, even from his own people.

As a person, he appears to carry an imposing and rather detached air around himself, making him a rather intimidating individual.


Arthur is a man with long hair, with his body fully armored aside from his head. He wears a fur lined coat mainly covering his top half, becoming a cape from the middle on wards.



When Arthur found out Guinevere is a witch, he sentenced her to be burnt alive. Before her execution, he prevented her from seeing Mordred. Lancelot reacted badly to the news, confronting Arthur and knocking out some knights that got in the way. It was later revealed that before Arthur died, during his last meeting with Lancelot, he made Lancelot promise to protect Guinevere with his life. He died soon after.

It was revealed that after his death, the Knights of the Round Table put a lot of pressure on his daughter, making her prove that she is worthy of her father's position. This lead to her defeat and disappearance.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Although not shown in the manhwa, it would be assumed that Arthur is a exceptionally skilled swordsman, leading the 12 strongest knights of Britain, the Knights of the Round Table.



Arthur was shown to be more loyal to his country then he was towards his wife as he ordered her to be burnt alive for becoming a witch. Despite this Arthur was evidently upset with his desicions and even asked Lancelot to protect Guinevere with his life; showing that Arthur still cared for her.

Lancelot du LacEdit

Lancelot was Arthur's most loyal knight and friend. Arthur had complete trust and faith in Lancelot as he knew Lancelot would protect Guinevere if he asked. Arthur was also fine when Lancelot confronted him although refused to change his mind when Lancelot demanded to know why he won't Guinevere and Mordred to meet.