July, 2017

Magic Injection is the 165th magazine chapter of Jung-man Cho's Witch Hunter.

After releasing Emotional Stability Edea Florence is overwhelmed by her new feelings. She begins Tasha's training by giving him a mana gun and demonstrating its power. Since Tasha can not use a mana gun having no mana source, Edea performs a ritual with a 1% success rate to allow magic to flow in his body.


Edea's New Emotions

Edea overwhelmed by her new emotions

Edea is overwhelmed with her new emotions having released Emotional Stability. She averts her eyes to anywhere but Tasha and when he asks her how her food is she quickly responds flustered. Tasha announces he put effort into making it since the day marks their official Master and Pupil status. Edea misunderstands the meaning of "status" and frantically asks for an explanation. Tasha wonders why she's getting so worked up when what was going on between "them" was not normal. Edea again reacts to hearing him put the two them together and Tasha further explains their relationship was no more than an owner and maid relationship. He questions what she was thinking their relationship was and Edea tries to casually seem as though she had the same thing in mind as Tasha. Edea tries to calm herself down from all her new feelings and announces that they will start training. Seeing Tasha's obvious excitement she feels new emotions surge which she relates to a heart attack. Outside, Edea brings out a mana gun and gives it to Tasha. Tasha stumbles at its weight and Edea tells him it weighs about 6kg. Tasha demands to know how he can use it in battle and Edea swiftly takes it back, spinning it, throwing it up in the air and catching, and shoots a tree down. She brags that a gun can change at her touch while Tasha gapes at her remarking how physically strong she is. Edea questions how she can be physically stronger than Tasha when he can beat her in armwrestling and points out that any Witch could handle the gun with ease because of magic. Tasha replies that he can't use magic and Edea tells him she'll make it so he can use it. Edea prepares a ritual to allow mana flow through the human body. She states that she's done countless trials in WH but it only has a 1% success rate. Although the chance is small, Edea has faith that Tasha will succeed because of his beliefs and experiences he's been through. Tasha questions its safety since mana is poison to the body, and Edea confirms that if it weren't for the ritual Tasha would be killed although even with the ritual some people go crazy. Tasha hesitates and Edea eagerly performs it. The chapter ends with Tasha screaming in pain.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Edea Florence
  2. Tasha Godspell
  3. Aria Godspell (Memory)

Fights and EventsEdit

Magic, Abilities and Skills usedEdit

Magic usedEdit

  • Magic Injection/ritual

Weapons usedEdit

  • Mana gun

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