July, 2017

First Love is the 168th magazine chapter of Jung-man Cho's Witch Hunter.

Bari assures Tasha Godspell that there is no intimacy between Edea Florence and Vihyungrang. She further congratulates him on experiencing his first love. Afterwards Bari teases Vihyungrang that he wasted any shot he had to be with Edea. Back at Edea's home, Edea and Tasha talk of favourite hair colours which leads to Tasha revealing his first impression of Edea and making her blush.


Tasha Blushing

Tasha blushing

Tasha goes through three levels of disappointment as he notices that Vihyungrang is tall and very close to Edea. Bari admits the two are close, but only as friends. She assures Tasha there is no intimacy between the two and tells him not to worry about liking Edea. Tasha blushes and denies having a crush on Edea, but Bari sees through the lie and congratulates him on experiencing his first love. As Bari and Vihyungrang head back, Bari remarks that a chance incident is all it takes for a man and woman's relationship to change. Bari teases Vihyungrang that he wasted his chance with Edea maintaining his status quo. Bari decides to cheer Vihyungrang up by finding him a mission when they get back to the WH Centre. Meanwhile at Edea's home, Tasha serves Edea tea and attempts to break the silence by remarking how quiet it is with their guests gone. Vihyungrang's sudden visit surprised Tasha and Edea questions if it wasn't Bari who surprised Tasha as the two were "really hitting it off". Tasha replies that he was surprised finding out that Bari is a Spirit, and Edea quickly scolds him stating that she's a Ghost. She explains the difference between the two is that Ghosts are a higher class than spirits. Tasha remarks that Bari is also beautiful, and he's never seen anyone with black hair look as good as Bari does. Edea stares at her own hair and asks Tasha if black hair is his favourite. Tasha quickly responds negative, shocking Edea as he was just talking about it. Tasha replies that he doesn't hate it, but colour wise he likes blonde because Aria was a really pretty blonde, and silver because when he first met Edea he'd never seen more beautiful hair and believes all angels must have silver hair. Edea blushes at his comment but quickly laughs it off and flicks him in the forehead for talking so cheesy.

Edea Blushing

Edea blushing

Later that night Edea lays in bed thinking of Tasha's comment. Blushing she admits feeling happiness.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Tasha Godspell
  2. Bari
  3. Vihyungrang
  4. Edea Florence
  5. Aria Godspell (Memory)

Fights and EventsEdit

Magic, Abilities and Skills usedEdit

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