July 21, 2017

Useless Emotion is the 173rd magazine chapter of Jung-man Cho's Witch Hunter.

The battle between Aria Godspell and Edea Florence begins. Tasha Godspell can only watch from the sidelines as the two clash. Edea struggles due to the amount of magic consumed from controlling her emotions. In the middle of battle, Edea unexpectedly enters her inner-world. She meets her inner-self who tells Edea that if she wishes to become perfect again she must throw away all memories and emotions of Tasha.


Edea and Aria clash destroying much of their surroundings. Tasha watches on helplessly and realizes that this was the power he's been chasing after so blindly. Meanwhile Edea struggles to counter against Edea. She comes to the conclusion that it's not Aria who is at her level but her who's magic is low due to the amount of magic controlling emotions consumes. When Aria manages to scratch Edea she momentarily becomes overwhelmed by anger but just as quickly realizes that if she were to lose control she would demolish her opponent and Tasha would look at her with fear as he did the first time he witnessed her true power.

Edea's Inner World

Edea's inner-world

Suddenly Edea is face to face with a chained version of herself. The other Edea reveals them to be in a world created by Edea's conscious. Inner-self Edea tells Edea that while they are in her inner-world, Edea's physical body is still fighting Aria. Inner-self explains that Edea's inner-world was created because of Edea's useless thoughts and Edea is like a ticking time bomb because she's struggling to control her emotions in a fight. The chapter ends with Inner-self telling Edea to throw away all emotions and memories of Tasha to become perfect once again.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Edea Florence
  2. Aria Godspell
  3. Tasha Godspell

Fights and EventsEdit

  • Edea Florence vs Aria Godspell

Magic, Abilities and Skills usedEdit

Supporters usedEdit

  • Aegis

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