July 21, 2017

Rejection is the 174th magazine chapter of Jung-man Cho's Witch Hunter.

In the midst of battle, Edea Florence converses with her inner-self. Her inner-self attempts to persuade Edea to put a restriction on her emotions to become her old self again. Ultimately Edea refuses and her inner self warns her that Edea won't be in control if the chains on her inner-self is released. The chapter ends with Edea returning to the battle between her and Aria Godspell, with Edea activating Battle Field


Edea Florence's inner-self tells Edea to take a close look at the battle between her and Aria. She notes that Edea is struggling against a witch that 3-4 A-Class WH could face. Inner-self blames this on Edea wasting a great amount of magic on emotion control. Inner-self reminds Edea of her past-self, the fierce, calculated, respected witch that never made mistakes. Without Emotional Stability Edea is not what she used to be. Inner-self tells Edea to throw her emotions away but Edea refuses. Inner-self asks if it's because of Tasha Godspell and assures her Tasha won't change. Edea replies that Tasha looks at her with various expressions and instead of simply enjoying his eyes, she would like to change so that she can Tasha with her own set of different eyes and different emotions. Inner-self tells Edea to cut it with the bullshit. Inner-self states that as she is Edea as well, everything she says or feels is Edea's opinion. Edea was nervous of the situation which is why she came up with an alternative self. Edea replies that rejecting her inner-self is also part of her. Edea explains that the difference between the two is the restriction (chains on her inner-self) and since only her inner-self wears them it means that her heart is bigger than the inner-self as a whole.

Edea's Battle Field

Edea activates Battle Field

Inner-self agrees that is half of it, and the other half will come to light later. Inner-self warns Edea that she is the Master now, nut if her restrictions were ever released that would all change. Edea takes the warning and returns to her physical body. With a new resolve Edea decides to take care of the battle with Aria and activates Battle Field.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Edea Florence
  2. Aria Godspell
  3. Tasha Godspell (Memory)

Fights and EventsEdit

  • Edea Florence vs Aria Godspell

Magic, Abilities and Skills usedEdit

Magic usedEdit

  • Battle Field