Three Fates
Hangul 모이라이
Romaja Moilai
Alias Fates (운명 Unmyeong)
Atropos, Lachesis, Clotho
Race Program
Gender Female Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Tasha Godspell
Partners Edea Florence
Magic Mana Release

Moirai (모이라이 Moilai) also known as Fates (운명 Unmyeong) are three goddesses who are the key to Tasha's technique, Moirai's Confinement. By singing the Song of Moirai, they allow Tasha to meet Edea from beyond the grave where she allows him access to her mana. The Fates names are Atropos, Lachesis and Clotho.


Moirai takes on the form of three beautiful horned women, all of which are tall, slim, well-endowed and they adorn the same clothing/accessories, a signature white robe which reveals their cleavage, backs and most of their legs and bracelets around their wrist. Atropos is a brunette with a large flower on her right horn who along with Clotho, the shortest of the three with curvy light colored hair and horns covered in small flowers, have interlocking rings as a belt and exposed shoulders. Lachesis is the tallest with straight, light colored hair and a gem around her neck.



Edea installed this program into Tasha's Dimensional Gallery but he never got the chance to use it in her presence.

The Other Magic Marksman ArcEdit

When facing Ryuhwan, Tasha considered using Moirai's Confinement to defeat him but is stopped by East.

The Knight and Rose ArcEdit

Fates sing Song of Moirai

Fates sing Song of Moirai

Desperate to save Halloween, Tasha accesses Moirai's Confinement and meets the Fates and Edea in the process. Afterwards Tasha activates this technique which is only stopped when Ryuhwan knocks him out.

Escape from Britain ArcEdit

Tasha is cornered in his fight against the group of A-Class WHs and attempts to use Moirai's Confinement but Halloween snaps him out of it, reminding him that he'll kill everybody there if he were to do so.

Tasha's Memory ArcEdit

Edea uses Blizzard which sings the Song of Moirai in her fight against Aria Godspell.


  • The Fates are inspired by the Moirai from Greek mythology, they are depicted as three white-robed women who personify destiny. It is they who control the thread of fate, which determines a person's lifespan.
    • Clotho spins the thread onto her spindle, Lachesis measures the amount of thread each person would receive and Atropos would decide on the time and manner of a person's death, cutting the thread with her shears.
    • The sisters are also said to sing, in which one sings of the future, another of the present, and another of the past.

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