Prano Godspell
Prano Godspell
Race Human
Gender Female Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Godspell family
Personal Status
Relatives Alto Godspell (Husband)
Tasha Godspell (Adopted Son)
Aria Godspell (Adopted Daughter)
State Alive
Manhwa Chapter 134

Prano Godspell is the wife of Alto Godspell and the adoptive mother of Tasha and Aria Godspell. Currently she is working behind the scenes of the kingdom as the economic advisor in order to repay the damage done from Aria's awakening. She waits for Tasha to bring Aria back home.


Prano Godspell wears a long dress which frills at the bottom. She has light hair which is always tied back.


She cares deeply for her family as she sent Tasha away when she believed he was in danger, and asked him to find and protect his sister as well. She also disagreed with the way her husband treated Aria when he learned of her powers.



Due to an unknown accident Prano became unable to have children. 16 years prior to the story, she and Alto found Tasha in a basket outside of the mansion. They adopted him and raised him as their biological son, hoping to keep his adoption a secret from him.

She happily welcomes Aria to the family and tried many times to encourage her to come out of her room. After Aria is confined to her room due to her abilities, Prano tries to dissuade Alto, not agreeing with the decision. She is present with Tasha when Alto announces he will send Aria to another country. She isn't happy with the decision and worries over Aria's safety, being alone in another country. When the departure day comes, she watches Aria off, telling her to take care of herself.

Following the destruction of the city and Aria's awakening, Prano is summoned by the Empress of the kingdom. She becomes responsible for the damage done and is sentenced to lose everything the Godspell's own, as well as become the economic advisor for the kingdom. In addition, she will have no recognition of any of the work she will do, and if she fails, anyone bearing the Godspell name shall be killed. However, if she manages to recover all financial damage from the incident, the Empress agrees to bring back honor in the Godspell name.

She tells all this to Tasha who angrily believes that it will be an impossible task to do. Prano reveals that she had influence in Alto's company and that as long as she is careful she should be able to succeed without failing. She then asks Tasha to find and protect Aria so that they may be a family once again. Tasha realizes that her intention is also to send him away as it has become dangerous for their family in which she admits is also true. The next day she moves into the castle and begins her work.


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