These are all of the Arcs shown throughout the Witch Hunter Manhwa. Chapters with an M in front of the chapter number are Magazine Chapters and volumes with an * after the number means a small portion of the volume is featured. For a list of Chapters in Volumes, go to Chapters and Volumes.

The Red Witch ArcEdit

The Red Witch Arc

Tasha meets East and they fight in Cintra. He later leaves to Mountainville, recruiting the help of Tarras and Xing, in order to defeat his sister, Aria.

Volume 1
Number of Chapters 4

Monica ArcEdit

Monica Arc

Tasha, Xing and Tarras are travelling back to WH West Central when they stumble upon a town. On closer inspection of the town, they discover a witch manipulating peoples lives, thanks to the aid of a thief turned witch, Monica.

Volume 2 - 3*
Number of Chapters 5

The Other Magic Marksman ArcEdit

The Other Magic Marksman Arc

Tasha discovers his master, Edea Florence, had another disciple before him, Ryuhwan. Possessing the same skills and having an identical supporter, Ryuhwan is on a hunt against all witches, good or evil and it's up to Tasha to stop him.

Volume 3 - 4
Number of Chapters 7

The Three Bairong Princes ArcEdit

The Three Bairong Princes Arc

This is the story about the origins of Xing and his brothers Yue and Lee, together making up the three Princes of Bairong.

Volume 5
Number of Chapters 3
  • 18. Sun, Moon and Star
  • 19. Assassination
  • 20. What it Means to Become a King

The Knight and Rose ArcEdit

The Knight and Rose Arc

Tasha and his teammates are dispatched to the South and East, Britain and Bairong. On their journey there aboard the train, they bump into trouble, among which is a knight and a witch with control over all roses.

Volume 5* - 8
Number of Chapters 17
  • 17. The Witch Who Doesn't Exist
  • 21. Dispatch
  • 22. The Key
  • 23. White Class
  • 24. Human's Intelligence
  • 25. Naraka
  • 26. The Right to Fight
  • 27. Traitor
  • 28. Reunion
  • 29. Things I Didn't Know
  • 30. Endless Roses
  • 31. Song of Moirae
  • 32. Let It Snow
  • 33. Condition
  • 34. Compatible Mana
  • 35. The 8th Rank Warrior God
  • 36. Sorella

Fights in Britannia ArcEdit

Fights in Britannia Arc

Tasha and Cougar arrive in Britain to aid the kingdom against witch attacks. The country attempts to reclaim their king, Mordred, who is currently Tasha's supporter.

Volume 8* - 10
Number of Chapters 15
  • 37. Knights of the Round
  • 38. Ambush of the Witches
  • 39. Dignity
  • 40. Difference in Power
  • 41. Mana Supply
  • 42. Important Person
  • 43. Sealed Memories
  • 44. Decision
  • 45. Egg of Beginning
  • 46. Tania Doberg
  • 47. Mistaken Truth
  • 48. Complete Dominance
  • 49. Return
  • 50. One's Desire
  • 51. Severance of Contract

Deception in Bairong ArcEdit

Deception in Bairong Arc

Xing, Tarras and Visul arrive in Bairong, unaware that the Empire's request for aid was part of a bigger plan. Here Xing fights his two brothers and the story of the emperor is told.

Volume 10* - 13
Number of Chapters 21

Escape from Britain ArcEdit

Escape from Britain Arc

Tasha decides to leave the Witch Hunter organization in order to keep Mordred as his supporter. His attempt to leave was stalled by Words and Cougar but he manages to leave in the end thanks to East. Merlin devises a plan to bring Britain back to it's former glory.

Volume 13* - 14
Number of Chapters 8

Training in Wonderland ArcEdit

Training in Wonderland Arc

Ryuhwan and Fergus train Tasha and Mordred in Alice's Wonderland, an alternate dimension, at the request of East. South visits East to obtain information about North and the history of the war's beginning is revealed.

Volume 15 - 16*
Number of Chapters 7 + 2 Magazines

Invasion ArcEdit

Invasion Arc

The WHs begin their attack on the Four Legendary Witches, splitting their forces into two against North and South. Merlin plots to ensure casualty for both sides, meanwhile Tasha, Mordred and Ryuhwan finish their training and begin fighting against South's subordinates.

Volume 16
Number of Chapters 5 Magazines
  • M 121. Many Factors
  • M 122. Villain
  • M 123. Rematch
  • M 124. Growing Category
  • M 125. Detecting Bodies