Supporters (서포터 Seopoteo) are beings contracted to witches. Anything living can be a supporter, although Varete's Shadow of the Abyss is an exception. Each supporter is unique, but all supporters have a mana supply.


Supporters are supposed to serve as a servant and a guardian to witches. The common ability that all supporters have is the ability to receive mana from their master. The powers of supporters vary between each one, considering the only difference between a supporter and a normal being is their mana supply. When a supporter receives mana, all their physical abilities are enhanced and can regenerate or heal themselves, this includes their clothes. A supporter may become stronger by having their bodies modified by a witch, becoming a mutant like Words.The strength of a supporter is usually determined by the strength of their master, but when the supporter is much stronger than the witch, it is given a lot more freedom and may be rebellious.

Requirements for SupportersEdit

  1. It must be something that can be used as a Supporter.
  2. A Witch must have enough mana to support and control it.
  3. The Witch must bond with the Supporter
  4. The Supporter must be willing to obey the Witch

Normal SupportersEdit

A Normal Supporter is one that can be acquired after a witch's awakening. They can be changed but are generally only done when needed as a replacement. It takes time to get used to a Normal Supporter. If the requirements for being a supporter aren't met, the supporter may become rebellious, or may require large amounts of mana to operate. Normal Supporters will always need more mana to function on the same level as a Spiritual Supporter given that the two supporters have the same strengths. The supporter can continue to survive after its master's death.

Spiritual SupportersEdit

Aegis Jp V2

Aria's supporter Aegis

Bagira kitty

Ran's supporter Bagira

The other type of Supporter. Spiritual Supporters are supporters that are born and appear to their destined witch upon said Witch's Awakening. Spiritual Supporters fill all four requirements upon birth and function more efficiently that regular Supporters, requiring close to no mana at all. Eclipse Shadenon notes that Spiritual Supporters are supporters made especially for one witch and one witch only and don't need time to get used to. The supporter's life is the witch's Life, which means if the witch dies, their supporter will die as well. She continues to say that Spiritual Supporters allow the witch to cast more powerful magic and their bond cannot be broken, even in death.

Known SupportersEdit

Name Ability Master Status
Mordred Swordsmanship Tasha Godspell Alive
Fergus Swordsmanship Ryuhwan Alive
Surtr Fire East Alive
Abyss Shadow Varete Alive
Aegis Automatic Machine Aria Alive
Lee Bairong Hand to Hand Meiling Alive
Lancelot du Lac Swordsmanship Guinevere Alive
Prithvi Earth Tania Doberg Alive
Veetar Rose Sabrina Rose Deceased
Words Blondy von Worth Gravity Carena Alive
D. Arlo Unknown Unknown Alive
Tyrfing Blood Elmar Hyacinth Alive
Bagira Beast Ran Alive
Parvati Dispel/Reflect Monica Alive
Metal Crawler Fight Bliss Deceased
Quibleon Robotics Cube Alive
Throne Room Memories Diana Alive
Puppet Thread/Subordination Vanir Gullveig Deceased
Dexter Fedora Iron Calia Alive