White dragon

The White Dragon is a spirit that guards the Bairong Empire. It is also used as the selector of the next emperor of the Bairong Empire.


It's known to have guarded the Bairong Empire for a long time along with all the priests and shamans. The people and the emperors respects the White Dragon greatly. They put a shire as a respect for the White Dragon.

He is used as the selector of the next emperor. The Dragon Ritual Ceremony is performed every 100 years to select the next emperor.

Apparently, all of the Empire's previous emperors are active inside of the dragon, even after it passes on to a new host every hundred years and adds them to the set. this means that the Dragon is quite litterally the physical embodiment of the Empire itself.


He appears as a white dragon.


  • He is able to slow down the aging progress of the emperor since he resides inside of him. That's why the emperor can live up to the age of 100 and why the ceremony is of every once 100 years.
  • He is able to bestow power, knowledge, and experiences from previous emperors . After living for 100 years, the souls of the emporors will be transferred to the next emperor. The current emperor has over 50 souls within his body.
  • There is an drawback to this. The souls are still alive so they can interfere with the current emperor and they seem to be able to control the emperor's body as shown that they stopped the emperor from killing his son.
    • This conflict, if anything, is the dragons greatest weakness. Xing, or more accurately the Emperor, while being possessed by the power of the Dragon was easily more powerful than both Yue and Lee(when not empowered by Mana) at first, but his internal conflict with the real Xing eventually reduced him to a state weak enough for Lee to kill.
  • Shinsok can only be mastered with the power of the dragon; however, both Yue and Lee seemed to have mastered it without the dragon's power, so how accurate this statement is, is unknown.

It's not known about how much power that the dragon granted the emperor.