In order to standardize the wiki, please follow the Layout on this page. All headings should have the first letter of every word capitalized unless it's a preposition. e.g. "of", "in", "from" etc.


The page should begin with a short quote describing the character using BQuote (see South), followed by an infobox containing the general data of the character using Character Infobox. Then it should have a short, general description summing up the character and if sections aren't applicable or are left blank, do not include the heading. The headings are to be used in the following order:

  1. Appearance (e.g. North)
  2. Personality (e.g. South)
  3. Story
    • History
    • Arcs
  4. Powers and Abilities
    • Supporter (e.g. East)
  5. Equipment (e.g. West)
  6. Relationships (e.g. Visul)
  7. Trivia (e.g. Ryuhwan)
  8. Quotes (e.g. Tania Doberg)
  9. References (e.g. Merlin)
  10. Navigation (e.g. Edea Florence)


The page should start with a Chapter Infobox followed by a short summary (see Chapter 80). The below headings are to be used in this order:

  1. Summary
  2. Characters in Order of Appearance
  3. Fights and Events
  4. Magic, Abilities and Skills used
    • Magic used
    • Abilities used
    • Skills used
    • Weapons used
    • Items used

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